Keep it Simple, Stupid. Simplicity is freedom. The easier the better.

The true freedom is in having less.

— Iik

That’s your warmest setup and, if you’re still cold (…), then it’s too cold to ride, call it a day!

— Joe Cruz

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

— Jon Kabat-zinn

In this life when a road comes to to an end, will you keep pedaling?

There are always two paths to take: one back towards the comfort and security of death, the other forward to nowhere.

— Henry Miller

En mi mundo el raro eres tú. Vive y deja vivir.

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.

— James Michener

You are my guests. Not my masters.

A vida é o que fazemos dela. As viagens são os viajantes. O que vemos não é o que vemos, senão o que somos!

— Fernando Pessoa

Pues esos primitivos a quienes basta con visitar para volver purificado, esas cumbres heladas, esas grutas y esas selvas profundas, templos de altas y aprovechables revelaciones, son, de diferente manera, los enemigos de una sociedad que representa para sí misma la comedia de ennoblecerlos en el momento en que termina de suprimirlos, pero que sólo experimentaba hacia ellos espanto y repugnancia cuando eran adversarios verdaderos.

— Claude Lévi-Strauss

It is very satisfying to have a route mapped ahead of us, and all the freedom in the world to move forward along that path. Get up in the morning, ride through the landscape until we’re tired, find a place to set up camp, eat some dinner, and go to sleep. Over and over again. No schedule, no obligations, no decisions, no worries. This feeling doesn’t develop on a one or two week trip; I need enough time to establish the rhythm and sense of freedom.

— Amy Lauterbach

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.

— Gary Snyder

You could not direct the wind, but you could trim your sail so as to propel your vessel as you pleased, no matter which way the wind blew

La esencia de la civilización consiste en ir más allá de la línea del horizonte para sumergirse en lo desconocido, establecer lazos y relaciones, en descubrir la mejor forma de convivir con nosotros mismos y con otras personas.

— Bettany Hughes

Les relacions personals són les responsables directes de la felicitat.

— Ferran Ramón Cortés

Els grans personatges han estat persones que han rigut de tot. Només l’estúpid es pren seriosament això que anomenem vida.

— Pepe Rubianes

Ambiciono libertad y me reservo días en blanco.

— Mayte Martín

And so it turned out that only a life similar to the life of those around us, merging with it without a ripple, is genuine life, and that an unshared happiness is not happiness.

— Boris Pasternak

Happiness only real when shared

— Christopher McCandless

Eres lo que te queda por vivir. Mai no és massa tard per tornar a començar.

No estamos locos, y sabemos lo que queremos, vive la vida igual que si fuera un sueño.

— Ketama

Els optimistes s’equivoquen més que els pessimistes, però la vida els va millor.

— Daniel Kahneman

Cuándo más entreno más suerte tengo.

— Ricky Rubio

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but not to stop others from exercising their own freedoms.

A la vida humana no hi ha certeses.

— W. Churchill

Our national histories are propaganda, not well balanced investigations.

— John Glubb

Always look at the bright side of life.

— Monty Python

The best kit is the one you already have. Stop Planning, Start Doing

First, make it work. Second, make it work better.

— UK government design service manual

If you can find something that sparks your passion and provides a decent income I think you’re successful in your career

— Scott Deluzio

Watering down a bad idea doesn’t make it a good idea

Don’t forget to enjoy the ride

No tuvimos un final feliz, pero qué historia!

Riding into the unknown is a good exercise in trust, and the practice of feeling optimistic about what comes around the next corner, no matter the circumstances, is a great way to grow

— Joachim Rosenlund

Don’t be distracted by the myth that ‘every little helps.’ If everyone does a little, we’ll achieve a little

— David MacKay

Aborrir-se és un catalitzador de la creativitat i propicia el monòleg interior. Las cosas más valiosas salen de mentes ociosas

Freedom means ensuring that people had the health, education and security to lead the life they wanted

— John Stuart Mill and Leonard Hobhouse

Key variables to support well-being: healthy life expectancy, income, social support, freedom, trust and generosity

— World happiness report

Cuando sientes que puedes vas. Cuando no lo sientes no vas. El límite es la sensación

— Nicolas y Olivier Favrese

It isn’t money that sustains me, it’s that faith I have in myself, in my own powers. In spirit I’m a millionaire, maybe that’s the best thing, that you believe you’ll rise again

— Henry Miller

Appeals to tradition and culture are a familiar way of denying that human rights are universal

— The Economist

Hi ha gent a la qui no li agrada que es parli en català, s’escrigui en català ni es llegeixi en català. És la mateixa gent a qui no li agrada que es parli, s’escrigui ni es llegeixi

— Ovidi Montllor

Within each human heart lies an inexhaustible yearning for liberty, but when people are fearful, angry or confused, they are tempted to give away freedoms, or the freedom of others, to leaders promising order

— Madeleine Albright

Liberals contend that societies can change gradually for the better and from the bottom up. They differ from revolutionaries because they reject the idea that individuals should be coerced into accepting someone else’s beliefs. They differ from conservatives because they assert that aristocracy and hierarchy, indeed all concentrations of power, tend to become sources of oppression

— The Economist

Power rots leaders. Don’t get democracy for granted

Progress is not a law of nature. The ground gained by one generation may be lost by the next

— H.A.L. Fisher

The problem is, that all the really good people I knew are dead now

— Charles Sprawson

Morir de content, no de vell

Vivir es urgente

— Pau Donés

The role of experts is to inform us about the likely consequences of our choices, but it is the role of our democratic representatives to make those choices

— Richard Denniss

Medical science knows how to save a lot of lives, but it’s a democratic decision as to how much of that advice we should take

— Richard Denniss

Celui qui veut voyager heureux doit voyager léger

— Antoine de St. Exupery

Y cuando llegue el día del último viaje y esté al partir la nave que nunca ha de tornar, me encontraréis a bordo ligero de equipaje, casi desnudo, como los hijos de la mar

— Antonio Machado